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Virginia Beauty (above)

Janice and Cy Vernon pick Virginia Beauty apples

David stands beside a Virginia Gold tree.

Janice lets grandson, Colin, tatse a Yates apple. The 8 year old tree is being grown on a trellis.

Cy picks Blacktwig apples. Grandsons Bryan (left) and Colin( right) assist. Georgia (dog) watches.

Bevan's Favorite tree with apples ripe in July..........................closer view of Bevan's Favorite

David stands with a three year old Goldrush apple tree. (above)

A Clarke's Pearmain on a trellis in full bloom.........................................David strolls through the trellis in mid April.

Sops of Wine (six year old tree) (above)

Red Rebel (above)

Kinnaird's Choice (above)

Keener's Seedling on a trellis system (above)

Myer's Limbertwig (left) and Dula Beauty (right) on a trellis system (above)

Pomme Gris on a trellis system (above)

D. Vernon and the Pack House in the background (above)

(side view) The historic 1830's house that is currently being used as a barn. (front view)

Cy, David, Bill, and Jacob make apple cider on a cool October afternoon.

Many different types of apples sit in the cooler.

Cy, Bryan, Wesley, and Georgia (seated) with Old Fashioned Winesap apples.....just picked.

David, Cy, and Jacob plant new rootstock in a "field-grown" tree nursery in early spring.

Georgia and Wesley(seated) wait for David to close the fence gate after a long afternoon of picking Goldrush apples.