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Dormant Collection of Grafting Wood (called Scions )

Note: scion ispronounced (SIGH-uhn)

Custom Grafting:

Instructions for collections of scions for “custom grafts”:

Dormant Collection: collection from mid January until the buds begin to swell (mid March?)

Scions are one year old wood. It grew the previous summer and was not present in March the year before. Preferrably, they should be pencil length and pencil diameter. They can usually be found on the outermost parts of limbs or water sprouts from the trunk (not the ground). (See Images Below)

When you package them, be sure to put a moist paper towel in with the scions and wrap them in plastic wrap or place them in a zip lock bag. Send more than you think I need so that I can choose the best scions. Usually expect me to be able to graft one tree for every 5 inches of scion. Mail them priority mail soon after cutting  (make sure that the mail carrier DOES NOT need a signature to leave them...this could delay the shipment getting to me.)

Mail them Priority Mail to:

 Century Farm Orchards

PO Box 271

Altamahaw, NC   27202

Images of Scionwood

Above: "Perfect scionwood" from healthy, one year old wood. All of the growth above could be used for grafting. Very nice!

Above: Scionwood from an old tree. The scionwood circled above will be "OK" for grafting, but may not grow as well in the nursery the first year.