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Only a few apple varieties are self-fertile and some are almost sterile, so it is recommended that customers have at least two different varieties to insure good pollination. If an order lacks a good pollinator, we will usually recommend  one. If you have any questions regarding pollination when ordering, please feel free to ask.

Good apple pollinators include:

Virginia Gold, Grimes Golden, Summer Banana, Newtown Pippin, American Golden Russet, Virginia Beauty, Gala, Goldrush, and Hewes Crab are some of the best.-------more than one with purchases of more than 3 trees is a real necessity. Almost any crab apple is a good pollinator.

 Other good ones; Horse, Yellow June, and most Limbertwigs.

Poor apple pollinators(they are easily pollinated by other apple trees and make excellent apples, but they cannot pollinate others so that they can have fruit):

Some that are completely sterile (or close to it) include: Stayman, Arkansas Black, Old Fashioned Winesap, and Original Winesap.

Any other apple tree could be described as a possible pollinator, erring on the side that it can pollinate. Simply stated, there is a lack of concrete evidence on the majority of old Southern apples so it is necessary to get two or three different varieties to help all of the trees produce fruit.




European-type pears are the typical "pear shape"(small at the top and more rounded at the bottom). Asian pears are typically round in shape (similar to apples) and have russet coats. Most Asian pears require another pear (Asian or European) for good pollination. European pears can be self-fertile, but unless noted below, it is recommended that customers have at least two different pear trees to pollinate one another.

Pear----Kieffer and Bartlett can pollinate themselves and any other pear. The asians require a Kieffer , Seckel, or another asian to pollinate. Usually having two different types of pears insures good pollination.