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Limbertwig:There are many different types of Limbertwigs, numbering around twenty. Most are named so because of the drooping nature of their limbs. Most limbertwigs have a distinctive taste, a little acidic, yet still sweet. Many simply reply: “Tastes like an old apple variety should”.

---Black Limbertwig: This apple is described as one of the best cider apples. It also makes excellent apple butter. It is red with a green background and ripens in October.

---Old Fashioned Limbertwig (also called Red Limbertwig): This apple is sweeter than many limbertwigs and ripens extremely late, mainly in November. The apple is red and firm.

---Red Royal Limbertwig: Considered by many to be one of the best limbertwigs, this apple is red and medium in size. It has a distinctive “limbertwig” taste. It ripens in October and keeps well.

---Royal Limbertwig: This high quality apple grows well in the warmer areas of the south. Fruit is medium to large, its skin yellow with some red, and its flesh fine grained, juicy, tender, and mildly subacid. Fruit ripens in October. (One of my favorites)

---Swiss Limbertwig: A wonderfully colored apple, it is red with conspicuous, large white dots. It is firm, sweet, and very crisp. It originated with Swiss settlers in the Cumberland Mountains. A truly great apple. Ripens in October.

Red apple Black Limbertwig

red apple Old Fashioned L'twig

red apple Red Royal Limbertwig

red apple Royal L'twig

red apple Swiss Limbertwig