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brown turkey figWe grow and sell several fig varieties that do well in most southern climates, producing two crops in a single season. If you live in a cooler southern climate (we consider ourselves cool in climate zone 7A), then we recommend that figs be planted where they can be protected from cold winter temperatures and black violette figwinds. In this case, plant them on the southern or eastern exposures, near or against a protective structure such as a house, barn, or shed. green figFigs like well drained soils and extra lime at their bases usually helps by making soils less acidic.

Fig Prices:

One year old, 3 foot tall fig "tree" $22/each (no quantity discounts)

Fig Varieties

(check Current Inventory for availabilty)

Brown Turkey: Very hardy. One of the most prevalent figs in the southern US.

brown fig
Brown Turkey fig (very ripe fruit, image in early summer)

brown fig
Brown Turkey fig (less ripe fruit, image in late summer)


Black Violette: a beautiful specimen that tastes as good as it looks

black violette fig
Black Violette fig

Celeste: hardy, smaller, very sweet fig

celeste fig
Celeste fig: somewhat over-ripe: image from early summer

Italian Golden Honey: very, very sweet fig that produces a lot of fruit

green fig
Italian Golden Honey fig